Supporting Potential Sewing Machine Engineers

For many years, the team at Artizan Training have specialised in repairing industrial and domestic sewing machines. 

We then started to notice that there was a distinct lack of sewing machine engineers in the industry, and were being asked more 

and more by various companies and individuals to provide technical support.

So at the begining we decided to start writing our own technical manuals that  to begin with were mostly based on industrial sewing machines.

 Although we have now also produced a range of manuals for  domestic sewing machines as well. 

From that we grew to providing a wide range of training courses at our centre at Marsh Green Kent.

The Start of Our Training Centre

As the employment gap for sewing machine engineers was becoming more and more of a problem, we started to look even closer at the situation. We concluded that new blood was needed in the industry and started the process of setting up our very own training centre in Marsh Green Kent.

A Great Success

We now provide regular courses for schools, colleges, and many companies that are struggling to find engineers to visit their premises and fix their sewing machines. Our range of courses is growing all of the time, and we offer training that involves basic general knowledge right through to a mechanic’s level. Our dedicated engineers and instructors have years of experience and knowledge to pass on to keen learners.

Always Here to Assist You 

Upon successful completion of one of our courses, you will be given a certificate of competence for the knowledge level that you have attained. Once you have completed your course, we are always happy to help with technical support afterwards and hope to invite you back for more training to continue improving your knowledge.