1. Take a Relaxing Trip with Our International Sewing Course – Contact Us in MARSH GREEN, KENT

A change in setting could be just what you need to obtain the required skills of a sewing machine engineer. With our company based in Marsh Green, Kent, , it is possible to attend our international sewing course based in Spain in a stunning location. You arrive on the Saturday and leave on the following Saturday allowing time for the course as well as time to relax in a sunny setting.

The cost for this all inclusive training course is £1495.00. FLIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED 

Five Day Level 1 - 4 - Domestic Lockstitch

Join us for an all-inclusive week of training in Andalusia, Spain. This is the same course as described here, yet is situated on Spain’s beautiful southern coast and lasts for five days. You arrive Saturday and leave the following Saturday giving you time to settle in and relax before the course starts. The course will start at 10:00 a.m. and finish at about 4:00 p.m., with a possible day off in the middle as the course may start on the

Sunday to give you a break say the Wednesday or the Thursday.

Available Accommodation

Your accommodation will be situated in local Andalusian properties near to the training centre. You will be transported each day as and when required.  

There are a couple of rooms on site so you may be accommodated at the training centre. This will depend on the course you have chosen

PLEASE NOTE : at our studio/workshop, there is one lovable black Labrador in residence.

Day 1, Introduction

This involves an introduction to sewing machine repairs and leads to level one. 

Day 2, Level 1 and Day 3, Level 2

This course covers a whole range of settings and adjustments that you would expect to encounter on a daily basis in a busy studio, school, college, or home business. The areas covered are as follows:

Hook Timing – Needle Bar Height Setting – Feed Settings – Tension of Needle and Bobbin Case – Threading – Fault-Finding Techniques – Identifying Parts – Solving Problems the Simple Way – Setting and Balancing Tensions – Thread Check Spring Timing and Replacement – Servicing Methods – Four Live Repairs from Machines Booked in to Our Workshops

Day 4, Level 3

Your must complete levels 1 and 2 first to be able to sign up for this part of the course. This is because you cover the settings that featured in previous levels, and then the course is followed by unsupervised removal of parts and reassembly. You are then tested on your ability to carry out the adjustments as required.

Day 5, Level 4 

Once you have successfully passed the level 3 section, you then proceed to learn additional maintenance techniques that has not been covered yet. You are required to carry out two successful live repairs to attain your certificate.