Beneficial Training on Fixing Domestic Sewing Machines from marsh green kent

Domestic sewing machine training from our business gives you the opportunity to gain extra skills and learn how to repair  your very own sewing machine. Our day courses show keen home sewers how to fix and troubleshoot general yet frustrating day-to-day problems that can happen. Whereas one of our five day courses assist you with the right steps to becoming a mechanic with sewing machine mechanic training from our experts. Based in  Marsh Green Kent.

We are the leading business in the UK to provide a wealth of extensive training courses for the sewing industry.


TROUBLE SHOOTING  Domestic Lockstitch

This one day  course is designed to help with most domestic sewing machine  problems

that can occur on a daily basis, due in most cases by something very simple.

So in our New TS1D we will endevour to highlight as many of these issues as possible, and at the same time

showing you easy resolve solutions

The teaching style for this course will be both seminar and a mix of practical hands on aplications

You will also be given FREE our own Trouble Shooting Booklet to keep as a reference.



This two day course is the first of two courses. 

Designed for schools and colleges, potential technicians are able to gain an understanding of the basics 

of sewing machine mechanical adjustments and fault finding. 

This enables most technicians to be able to rectify everyday problems that occur with a domestic lockstitch machine.

Course Details 

This course involves hands-on, practical training and we expect all delegates to be proactive 

and follow basic instructions on adjustments, to the point of being able to ensure that the machines are working efficiently. 

The areas that are covered include:

Issues with Breaking Threads - Tension – Skip Stitches – Hook and Shuttle Timing – Feed Problems – Fault Finding – Servicing

There are a number of practical and simple written tests during the course. 

This is to make sure that every student has an understanding of the information that is being given.

TECH1 Domestic  Overlocker

This two day course is designed for schools and colleges.

potential technicians are able to gain an understanding of the basic 

problems that can occur with an Overlocker

On completion of the two day course you will be able to keep most

of your overlockers in good working order.

Three Day MEC 1 Domestic Lockstitch

This course covers a full range of settings and adjustments,

that you would expect to encounter on a daily basis in a busy studio, school, college, or home business. 

The areas that are covered include:

Day 1, Introduction

This involves an introduction to sewing machine repairs and leads to level one.
It is possible to attend this part of the course just for one day,
as it will give you an insight into the way that the rest of the course will be presented.

Hook Timing – Needle Bar Height Settings – Feed Settings – Tension of Needle and Bobbin Case – Threading – Fault-Finding Techniques – Identifying Parts – Solving Problems the Simple Way – Setting and Balancing Tensions – Thread Check Spring Timing and Replacement – Servicing Methods – Four Live Repairs from Machines Booked in to Our Workshops

Your must complete level 1 and subsequent levels in order finishing with level 8

THREE Day Level 2 - 3 Domestic Lockstitch

THREE Day Level 4 - 5 - 6 Domestic Lockstitch
THREE Day Level 7 - 8 Domestic Lockstitch

MEC1 Domestic Overlocker

The MEC1 Overlocker course is run over three days
Is ideally suited for those wishing to repair and maintain
domestic overlockers as a possible sewing machines mechanic

MEC2 Domestic Overlocker

The MEC2 will run for three days and follows on from the MEC1
 where will be expanding your knowledge already achieved on MEC1
Looper timings, feed settings and many other complexities of an overlocker with live repair situations.